Athens time

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Another little bit of progress...

First up guys, I am sorry you got excited about EQ7, so did I !! But as I did not win a copy for myself neither the copy to give away to you guys, I cannot tell you any more about it. Had I been able to get a copy in my letterbox, I would have given you an extensive review but alas..

However, ten lucky people did and they will be giving one away on their blog! So watch out for those blogs and you might well learn more and/or win.

Little finishes this week (not had much time to sew so just put finishing touches on things started earlier) are the bee blocks for Lil;

and my first try to make an apple pincushion to a pattern by Heather Bailey. I'm not sure it really looks like an apple that much... I am working out what went wrong so the next try is better... hmmm.... any ideas anyone?

I'm getting good at telling you about the little stuff! Now back to housework.... :-)


dolores said...

Hey kiddo....thanks for the eye candy!;)

I love the apple but I think maybe it's the two different fabrics...that maybe if it was one or the other that would do it....but I still think it is super cute!:)

myBearpaw said...

Love your blocks! Gorgeous colours and fabrics. I think it looks like an apple, maybe just needs some more stuffing? These little things are always harder and more time consuming than they look!