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Monday, 3 May 2010

EQ7 - coming soon...

EQ7 is soon to be released. This is Electric Quilt 7, for those of you who not have heard of it (is there anybody left who hasn't??) .

EQ7 is the new generation of software coming (logically) after EQ6, that allows you to design quilts on your computerscreen. You can take any block, colour it, make it different sizes and move it around to exactly where you want it in your quilt!

I have been looking at this wanting EQ6, wouldn't it be grand to have EQ7, with all the new features?

I might be blogging about it in the near future, once I find out exactly what all these wonderful features are. For now, you have to be patient!


Unknown said...

a friend of mine gave me EQ5 when she upgraded to 6, I really need to spend time with it to work it all out.

myBearpaw said...

I haven't heard of it. Wow sounds really hi-tech. I just make do with graph paper! Bravo you for not being afraid of software (like me!)

dolores said...

Look at you all computerized and all!:) Nope, I never heard of it either...I do the quilt along or just cut into my fabric and have at it....guess that's why lots of them don't come out like they are in my head!:)