Athens time

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Drizzle.... no painting again today... I do wish I had finished the job day before yesterday... I DID think you never know how long the good weather lasts... but there you go... I have to patient and wait till the sun returns..

A yacht heading into the wind and drizzle this morning, making good passage with the tide


Cat said...

aha so we get the sunshine and you get the rain!
We are also getting the coldest temperatures since records began!
Off to bed with the hot water bottle now . . .
Oh wouldn't have been nice to sail away in the boat though, carefree and happy - wind in your hair - ahhhh whats a bit of drizzle?!
How's the sewing room? Up and running yet?

Me and Ma said...

Lets hope that the finer weather returns and you can get on with your painting, I really don,t like drizzle, give me a good downpour anyday...:)