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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Book Sale - Amazon UK!

Would you like Kaffe's newest book for just £13.40?

Or Material Obsession I and II each for under a tenner? has a sale on... Sooooo many lovely books at lovely discounts....

No, I don't work for them (am not even getting commission...) but if I didn't know about it I sure would have wanted someone to tell me about it!

Just received Kaffe's book... Fabulous !!


Unknown said...

ohhhh I want the Kaffe book. I already have Material Obession 1 & 2, love them!!!!!!
Have fun with Kaffe

Liz said...

Hmm, now I'm going to have to go look of course, hide the plastic someone :o)
Thanks Marg - I think!!

Lynz said...

I'mnotlooking, I'mnotlooking, I'mNOTlooking......who am I kidding, I am SO looking!!! I have Material Obsession 1.......eek!!

myBearpaw said...

Just bought the material Obsession one for £7 something in this Amazon sale (they are so cruel and send me emails of the books I want to tempt me!!) - and it's fabulous (I know you all know this and had it ages ago - I am a bit behind)!