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Sunday, 13 June 2010

To my DQS9 Partner

Hi Partner! Did you just hear you have drawn me? I don't know whether you are an experienced quilter or a newbie, but have no fear!

Important rule number one:

I am thrilled you are making something especially for me and I am sure to like what you make just BECAUSE you have made it for ME and put a lot of love and effort into it. So don't fret!!

Number two (and so on...). I am sure (if you are like me...) you are trying to figure out my likes and dislikes and make something I would like. Again, surprise me! I might like something totally different I personally would have never thought of! But to make it a little easier, I have made favourites of the doll quilts in previous rounds that caught my eye. The quilt I received in DQS8 is amongst them and I love that one!

I think in the space the mama's gave for likes/dislikes I allready gave you an idea. I like soft pastel romantic and also Kaffe Fassett glorious colour together. That is quite a wide range! I love art quilts, but also like pieced quilts and applique so again, don't worry too much, I would like it if you enjoy making my quilt rather than do something you think I might like and hate doing...

Not too much into the thimbleberries, civil war repro's direction. I did once upon a time but more into modern quilting at the moment. Websites in that direction I enjoy are Oh Fransson, Red Pepper Quilts and Film in the Fridge.

I also totally love Fig Tree fabrics and Joanna Figuerra designs. Amongst other favourite designers are Heather Bailey, Anna Maria Horner, Sandi Henderson, Joel Dewberry and Echino.

I haven't made a mosaic yet because, as you will see from my blog, I have an exam coming up and the windows are going to be replaced so I am somewhat snowed under (and it would take a bit of time to find out how and to do it...which I haven't got at the moment...).

My favourite colour is turquoise/aquamarine (isn't Hunky Dory darling?)and love the blues but lately also turning to brighter colours and working with reds and oranges. Not too keen on purple or black/white.

I'm not a very experienced quilter myself so you don't need to worry I am expecting perfection, I am not!

Just relax, enjoy the process, and be happy making my quilt. I am so excited you are doing this for me and cannot wait to see what you have thought up!

Best of luck and speak to you late August/beginning of September!


bearpaw said...

That was a lovely letter to your partner - what a nice idea. Just got the email with mine - so exciting!! All the likes/dislikes have really helped inspire me!

Cat B said...

What a lovely letter to your partner. I've just received my pin cushion swap partners name and she is a VERY experienced quilter and sewer and I'm fretting BIG time.
I love the fact you penned this to your partner.

quiltinkimmie said...

Yes, this is very nice, and just the kind of thing that makes this such successful swap!!! Good job!