Athens time

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Good morning everyone...

For those addicted to your daily seascape... you will have to have withdrawal symptoms today! It's grey and gloomy again, much like yesterday and I am sure you have enough of grey leaden skies!

So instead I photographed a new flower in bloom on the cliffside. It seems to be some sort of poppy with lots of buds so I am looking forward to greeting one or two more flowers each morning as they come into bloom.

The kestrels I told you about last year are back and breeding. We've had them return, mate and settle into last year's nest site. This morning I spotted dad kestrel hunting for insects (?? they were certainly not mice!) in the grass and patiently waiting on a streetlamp before swooping down.

For those with the serious addiction.. I do have this morning's beachshots, so if the worst comes to the worst... mail me! lol !!


Me and Ma said...

Thats a great shot of the Kestral Margarite. When we were in Manchester last week there were Falcons on top of one of the shopping centres, there was a telescope set up so you could see them, the children were amazed :)

Lynne (Lily's Quilts) said...

I LOVE poppies, what a fab photo.

Lynz said...

I have an oriental poppy like that in my garden! It's just started flowering - it appears to be tough as old boots coz I lost a LOT of British perennials over that hard winter and it's bigger than ever! Go figure...

Molly said...

Just beautiful... That poppy reminds me Laura Gunn's poppy fabric that I've been coveting. Maybe this is a sign that I should order some today?!

Evelyn said...

Love that poppy picture!!

Susan said...

I only just spotted you red poppy - how beautiful is that! I bet someone will make a quilt out of that shot one day! Your photography is amazing. Suz

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