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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Oast Showcase Quilters Exhibition

Yesterday afternoon I visited the a lovely Quilt Exhibition held by Oast Quilters in Canterbury. The exhibition is held in the Simon Langton School and is still open today (10-5) and tomorrow, Sunday (10-4).

There is so much to see and do! Lots and lots of lovely, lovely quilts of all shapes and sizes and techniques, many traders with yummy stuff to buy and a cafe to replenish when you get weary. Also, there are several half hour mini workshops, which are fascinating and free!!

If you were thinking to have a quick glance around the room and be out in half an hour or so.. think again..!! You can easily spend hours and hours there!

This quilt was made for a daughters 18th birthday, a lot of lovehearts! You can see from the quilts on either side that many were displayed in the form of little booths, due to lack of space, so I must apologize that I have a lot of photos taken at an angle because I could not walk back far enough to get them in facing straight!

A fantastic quilt that was still a work in progress. The borders are still being appliqued and quilted but it was a wonderful quilt and what I liked about it is that you can view it in two different ways... When I looked first, I would see the 'diamonds' with the busy fabric... but if you adjust your eyes to the cream 'leaves' appliqued on top, you see a pattern similar to the Jacob's Coat quiltalong that is going on at the moment!

A seaside quilt, made for a son's (40th?) birthday (there is a catalogue with all the details available, this is from memory, apologies if I got it wrong!) with all his favourite seaside hobbies, a lovely idea!

A lovely applique quilt;

with lovely detail..

a traditional one..

with an amazing amount of handquilting in tiny stitches!

a colourful one

of which I particularly like the way the quilting was done deliberately in a wavy line rather than in the ditch, which gave the quilt some movement in a very subtle way..

and a cream and gold one, in a completely different style...

or rather a number of different styles!

Rouenneries, French General was represented...

as were several modern colourful quilts, equally lovely !

We were asked to vote for the best quilting (no guesses there !!) and for the quilt you would most like to take home with you. For me this is the one!! A romantic quilt, totally made from Liberty fabrics!

Look at the detail...

Just look at it... sigh... if only !!

Before taken pictures I have asked permission from the shows organisers (or their representatives present). It is encouraged to take pictures and publicize the event, so I am happy in sharing these photos with you. I have not named the individuals who made them (even though their names are in the catalogue) as I have not had their individual permission to do so on my blog, but if you go to the show, you will have all the details in your catalogue.

I have given you a few pictures of quilts that caught my eye, it was hard to choose and there are so many that I would have liked to have included as well that were equally beautifu, but putting over 200 pics on the blog would somehow overkill... So if you want to see them all... DO go along.. I thoroughly recommend it!


Lynne (Lily's Quilts) said...

What beautiful quilts - I love seeing the traditional and the modern ones together. Missing those seascapes though.

myBearpaw said...

So many beautiful quilts! You must be a really talented bunch in that part of the world. Really staggered at all the variety and standard of work, the hand quilting is incredible. Can't decide which one I love best but agree with you that the Liberty fabric one is really special! Thanks so much Marg, I will be able to go back to this post again and again for inspiration!

Rafael's Mum said...

Thanks Jo! The daily seascape service has been resumed Lynne :-)

Me and Ma said...

What stunning quilts, I think my favourite is the colourful one with the navy background..:)

Catherine said...

Thanks for all the inspiration! Such beautiful quilts at this show and as you said quite a few different styles represented. I can see how you would spend a few hours there.

Tracey Jacobsen said...

That cream 3-d one is so unique! I would have loved to see it in person.

Those are all really amazing quilts. :)

Cathie said...

How fun. Don't you just leave quilt shows feeling so inspired and excited??!!! Thanks for sharing those lovelies. I too loved the liberty fabric quilt - so soft and beautiful.

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

Thanks for the bringing some of the show to us, I'm with you, that liberty one is gorgeous! The Rouinerries is pretty nice too xo

Dandelion Wishes said...

What a lovely quilt show! So bright and colourful. And I certainly think the open, light-filled space they were displayed in helped make it a great show.

I went to one recently in Melbourne and the quilts were so jammed into a dull and badly lit space that I couldn't wait to get out!

My favourite was the 2nd one - the 'similar to Jacob's Coat quiltalong!

Love the poppies too! I must share a cross stitch I did some time ago - poppies are my favourite flower!


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