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Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Today, I had to be in London, and, as I know that many of my readers just LOVE Liberty, and are collecting Liberty fabrics, I thought you might want to know what the store looks like..

Inside the main entrance, you immediately see the main atrium with it's many floors and magnificent wooden panelling;

Beams and pillars are repeated throughout the store..

Ornamental carved doorway,

leading to impressive stairways to the upper floors;

The fabric department is bordering on the rug department and rugs were displayed over the banisters;

There was a wall of Kaffe fabrics (with separate part for free spirit and amy butler);

And two entire walls like these with Liberty Tana Lawn fabric.. The fabric falls like butter through your fingers and is abosolutely divine... 136 cm wide and £19.95 per metre... (that's $29 a metre...) (in Aus $ 35 - thanks Suz!) ( a metre is a yd plus 3").

some of the tana lawn fabrics...

A look through to one of the other atria;

and for some unexplicable reason, a zebra in one of the corridors!

One last look...

and homewards I went.. (no, I didn't buy anything... it is ALL so tempting but also all very pricey....)

I hope you enjoyed seeing the home of that fabulous fabric we are all coveting!

ps.. apologies for the bad quality of the photos... I wasn't sure about taking photographs but as there was no sign that forbade photography I thought it was ok. Still, before anybody could tell me to the contrary, I snapped away.. so you won't see my usual quality but at least you see the inside of Liberty's!!


Me and Ma said...

Ha ha, now I have the image of you leaning over the bannister in Libertys to photo the staircase !

Rafael's Mum said...

I do a lot of leaning over Maria! The things I do for my readers!!

Lynz said...

Twenty quid a metre?!?!? Wow. but I LOVELOVELOVE that peacock feather print. *sighs* And check you knowing the plural of "atrium" - clever clogs. *g*

Allie said...

Wow--I'm so glad you took pictures to share with all of us!
I'm pretty impressed with your self control, but ouch on those prices.

Molly said...

Thank you so much for thinking of all of us and sharing that wonderful store! Next time I'm in Target ogling their display with the other shoppers I can say, "Oh, I've seen the real shop in London. I went with friend." And I won't be lying!

Liz said...

Thanks for the tour Marg, I loved looking through the fabric ;o)

Tracey Jacobsen said...

That was so cool!

I'm so jealous of the wonderful architecture y'all have over there. It's beautiful.

But I think that architecture is part of the reason the fabric is so expensive, right?

So fun to see. Thank you!

Dandelion Wishes said...

Thanks for the tour - probably the closest to Liberty's I'm likely to get for a while (the fabric and the store) -cos in Aussie dollars that 20 pound is $35! ;-)

Catherine said...

What a beautiful store! Thanks for going to the trouble of taking all those photos so we could have a good look around. Their fabrics are beautiful aren't they.

karen said...

lovely photos I thought - sounds like it was a treat of a day

Cat said...

I love love love Liberty fabric and have a 'wee' collection - but no no no I did not purchase it myself. My Aunty purchased most of it over 10 years ago when my cousin lived in London and then *lucky lucky* me she did nothing with a lot of it and gifted it all to me earlier this year.
Thanks for the photos - you do realize how much you've made me miss London tho .. .. ..

Three Dancing Magpies said...

Loved seeing the store . . . thanks so much for sharing with us!

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